Novanta is a 90 day hotel in the deserted Italian village Borgo di Gello, in Tuscany. This amazing place provides the opportunity to experience a traditional and basic way of life, it shows the beauty of nature, people, local food and heritage. Novanta is a place, a phenomenon, that shows you the simple things in life and makes you feel straight at home.

Novanta is also about absorbing the authentic Italian lifestyle so off course the food and wine is provided by the neighboring farmers. Every day we prepare the most fresh, tasty and classic dishes. Feel free to join us in the kitchen!

Our beautiful sleepy village provides several types of accommodation: From roomy suites to cute apartmentsand villas. All surrounded by thick ancients walls. Another very special accomodation is our TreeHugger treehouse. This is worlds most awesome hotelroom in the air! Pull up a bottle of wine with the (Ice) bucket-on-pulley and watch the stars and fire flies from your bed.

Get dragged into the experience and be part of it. Novanta is open from June till September 2016