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What better context to completely disconnect from work and connect with your inner leader than Novanta?
We introduce Evoke, a leadership program that will deregulate you!

What is Evoke about?

Evoke is a personal development program for entrepreneurs, professionals, leaders, coaches and (management) teams.

With the Evoke Leadership program we take you on a journey to find the sweet spot between focus and unfocus time. You will learn to become more impactful, efficient and productive.

What are we going to do?

No, you won’t find boring power points and classroom settings. It gets much better: we prepare short theoretic inside and outside sessions with lots of dynamic exercises in our natural surroundings.

You will learn to listen to yourself: our body is much wiser and knows far more than our mind. By understanding and translating the messages from our body into insight and action, we make a huge leap in our personal development, we become more productive, efficient and conscious about our environment and ourselves.

You will learn how to combine focus with un-focus time, which leads to experiencing more energy and creativity – both in your professional and in your personal life.

We use meditation techniques to reach the state of an unfocused mind to be able to focus better and we integrate challenging exercises in the program to trigger and develop your focused state of mind.


Excluding VAT: € 2.500,-
Including VAT:  € 2.750,-

Transfer from airport to location and return, accommodation, meals, and all educational workshops are included in the stated price.

limited to 15 participants, workshops are held in English or Dutch


Where does the program take place?

Novanta is an inspiring place, located in a not-so-long-ago abandoned village with the name ‘Borgo di Gello’. Our borgo lies in the Eastern hills of Tuscany, 1,5 hours from Florence.

And yes, miracles do happen here. The location, the stories, and the metaphors of Novanta are integrated throughout the program. The delicious food and tasty local wines which we are famous for, are the best final excuse to join this program.

You will be learning new skills by “doing”. And you will be working on “being” by meditation, reflection and personal coaching.

For whom is the Evoke program the perfect fit?

Learn to better listen to your inner leader.
Use focus and unfocus to become more impactful.
Enhance your leadership skills.

Learn to maximize your impact on your environment.
Find your cadency of focus and unfocus.
Build a network of like-minded professionals.

(Management) Team
Have an unforgettable offsite with your team.
Experience and work on team dynamics.
Become a high performing team.

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