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At novanta, we believe that food is the connector between history, people and nature. To discover a culture through its food is the most authentic experience possible, and this is what we want to offer you! 

07 – 12 October 2020

Undeniably the most celebrated part of Italian culture is its food. Mothers and Grandmothers dedicate their days to creating it, recipes are whispered through generations like best kept secrets, and for an Italian … time literally stops for the golden words “a tavola”

For 5 days we will share with you every friendship, every lesson, and every secret we have been lucky enough to uncover in this beautiful valley. From organic field to table farming, wild foraged truffles and hand turned pecorino cheese, to pit cooking, open fire grilling and wood oven roasting. The passion, history and dedication seeps from the core of the people you will meet, work with, learn from and most importantly share a table with.

This is a cooking course like no other, and not for the light hearted! You need to know how to use a knife, be willing to take the journey from slaughter to table, and most importantly … taste everything! Do you think you’ve got what it takes to deserve a place?

Be ready to experience amazing lunches and long dinners prepared either for or by you, and everything in between. Think farm to table, every step, explained and shared by locals. This is the real deal!

We adjust our program to each season and course – keep reading for what you are signing up to!

Visiting the local market in Florence
Hunting for Black truffles with Nicola
Fresh pasta making with our favorite chef
Pig butchery & Sausage making at Fabrizio’s
Foraging wild herbs & mushrooms in Gello
Working with Chicken & Lamb at Massi’s
Ornina Vineyard: The Process of making and tasting wine
Cooking with all our local friends

What is included:
5 nights accommodation – daily breakfast, lunch and dinner – wines served – transport to and from Arezzo –
all classes and workshops with locals – authentic Tuscan recipes from locals and their nonas
€1095,- per person 

There are only 10 spots, but we’re not just going to give them away. We want to know why we should choose you – tell us your story, your passion and your reasons for falling in love with cooking.

Interested or just looking for more information? Write to us at info@novanta90.com

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