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This Autumn our beautiful village will reach a very special birthday…

In October 2019, Borgo di Gello will turn 1000years old, and to celebrate we will host the Matti di Gello festival in its honour! A Party of all parties, for 5 days and 5 nights, a new theme each day – because after all, it’s not often you get to celebrate a Millenium! 

October 2020 – dates TBC

This festival will be a collaboration of everything great that has passed the doors of our ancient village.

Wonderful food, delicious wine, art, music, dancing, local produce, and so much more …

Here’s what we happened in 2019

Friday – La Sagra di Gello

Opening Ceremony in the orchard. Neighbours, friends, guests and crew prepare stories to share in our ancient amphitheatre. Jokes, anecdotes, riddles, history, fiction – everything goes. 

Casentino BYO dinner; everybody brings a local delicacy to taste – and of course, the bar is open! 

Saturday – Notte di San Francesco

In the afternoon we will have a mask making workshop hosted by one of our in house artists.

Afterwards The Notte di San Francesco will commence – a masked gala and Apericena style dinner where guests are invited to bring out their wild side!

Sunday – La notte dei Matti (With Locals)

The Matti (fools) di Gello used to live here. They were renowned around the Casentino valley for their foolish deeds and crazy behaviour, but one thing was for sure; they were happy people!

We celebrate their foolishness and happiness with our neighbours and local friends with an enormous Tuscan cook off. Lots of Italians and lots of food, LOTS of opinions … for sure we are in for a Notte dei Matti !! 

Monday – Medieval cooking and cocktails

This night is about Francis of Assisi and his animals. They lived in the magical forest around our village. We start off with a night walk, to see what we can discover hiding in the forest. Afterwards we host a dinner with magical cocktails underneath the trees – tonight is all about nature.

This intimate evening is exclusively for our guests. Jeroen our head chef will prepare a timeless dinner in the firepit and stew on the tripod. Leo our master cocktail shaker presents a selection of creations from the Etruscans, Romans, Middle Ages and Renaissence.

Tuesday – Theatre & Millennial ceremony

A night to celebrate Good and Evil. Circles, fire, explosions, and a torchlit procession to our church.

The play: Everybody is part of it and plays their role. The actors are also the audience.

The Confessions: At the church you can share your neighbours worst sin. If your neighbour hasn’t sinned lately, you’ll have to get creative and find more interesting neighbours!  At the end of the ceremony, the best sin will be rewarded with a bottle of Franco’s best Grappa. 

Our guests are welcome to join us a few days early, or stay a few days longer. For our performing artists, we offer a free room and board during their stay in exchange for their talents! So – if you are an Artist, or know one – be it theatre, music, performance art or even something new, please get in touch at info@novanta90.com

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