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27 SEP – 4 OCT … Learn from experts how to build work & life habits for thriving in location-flexible workplaces. Design a Productive, Healthy & Meaningful lifestyle.

The LiveBeyond Method helps businesses and employees transition to, and thrive in remote and distributed workplaces.

The team use experiential and online learning to deliver practical knowledge, tools and systems that ensure Productivity, Wellbeing and Self-development

For the first time ever, Novanta will be hosting a LiveBeyond Experience – carefully designed to help people build work & life habits to create an effective, healthy and meaningful lifestyle, in some of the most inspiring places across the world!

live beyond session


“We are fascinated by Experience Design so we handcraft every minute of your time with us so you can have a remarkable experience! An ideal life starts with having an ideal day so we guide you to design your ideal days based on your preferences. Are you an early bird? Are you a night owl? We’ve got you covered ”

Early risers – Mindfulness / Fitness practices
Morning – Effective Remote Work
Midday – Lunch & Learn sessions
Afternoon – Effective Remote Work
Early evening – Talks/Workshops/Masterminds
Evening – Downtime/Play

Interested in joining? Get in touch directly with David and his team at Live Beyond on david@livebeyond.global or check out the website HERE 


Designing a lifestyle that works for you will maximise your life experience. The LiveBeyond Method is crafted using key elements from Design Thinking, Behavioral Science, Biohacking, Stoic Philosophy and more to provide you with practical tools and habits to employ in your daily life.

This LiveBeyond Experiences brings to you experts & mentors that empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to design this ideal lifestyle.

Books, podcasts and documentaries are great but not enough. Sustainable, long-lasting change requires commitment, practice and resilience. Do not worry, we guide you through this exciting process!


The way we work is evolving. As the world transitions to a remote / distributed work model, you have the chance to create the flexibility you deserve! To enjoy this freedom, you must ensure you master your productivity.

The LiveBeyond Method is designed to empower you with practical and actionable work habits and systems you need to Flow at work.

Mastering your focus and controling distractions will open endless avenues for you to enjoy life to the fullest. Become an effective, high-performance, zen remote worker! The team at Live Beyond will show you how.

News on our Covid'19 safety and our flexible cancellation policy HERE