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Yoga in Tuscany – Relax & Reset

04/05/19 – 11/05/19

The perfect place to perfect your downward facing dog or praying mantis …  a Yoga retreat novanta style!

In the low season our beautiful village of Borgo di Gello slows to the soft rhythmic chirp of the crickets and the slow whisper of wind through the trees. The inflatable flamingos are respectfully removed from the stunning clear waters of our infinity salt pool and the entire village becomes dedicated to all things relax

With the help of our two Yogis Emma and Lisanne – we have created a great programme aimed to stimulate your inner Zen as well as of course your taste buds!

The Details

Relax & Reset Retreat with Emma Brasser & Lisanne Rentier

“Imagine a place where you can truly rest. A place of beauty and serenity, where you can unplug and unwind. This 5 day Relax and Reset Retreat offers you the space to do so. It allows you to recharge & re-boot your system and enter a state of deep relaxation”

When was the last time you were able to fully relax? It might sound simple, yet for most of us it is hard to let go, to stop running and take a step back to observe what is really going on inside. Deep relaxation has many health benefits and helps to calm and soothe the nervous system, counteracting the stress chemicals in the body. This retreat will offer the space to dive deep within and take the time to harmonise the mind, body and spirit.

This rejuvenating retreat is guided by Emma and Lisanne who are passionate yoga teachers that specialise in vinyasa, yin and restorative yoga. The course is led in English, with both teachers  also fluent in Dutch.

How It happens…

A typical day would look like this:

  • 09:00 Morning tea & fruit
  • 09:15 Morning meditation, breath-work and rejuvenating yoga practice
  • 11:00 Healthy breakfast
  • 12.00 Time to relax and enjoy the scenery
  • 14.00 Nourishing lunch
  • 15.00 More me-time and/or optional treatments
  • 16.30 Afternoon tea with light snack
  • 17:30 Restorative, Yin yoga or a special relaxing class with essential oils
  • 19:30 Candlelit dinner
  • 21.00 Relaxation or bedtime

What’s included:

  • Full board accommodation
  • Wholesome, Italian meals made with local and organic products
  • A one on one wellness check-in
  • Daily meditation and breathing classes
  • 2 daily yoga classes: an energizing vinyasa class in the morning and a restorative or yin class at night
  • Special class: Aroma flow with essential oils
  • Sunset evening meditation
  • Full access to the outdoor swimming pool with stunning views
  • Optional: guided hike through nature

€ 895 per person for a double room / € 995 per person for a single room.

Interested? Email us on

All levels of yoga experience are welcome. Optional treatments to book on location are massages, acupuncture and cupping sessions.